Mr. John Robinson, FSA,MAAA,FCA

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John W. Robinson FSA 1994, FCA, MAAA was the 74th President and Chair of the Society of Actuaries from October, 2022 to October 2023. John retired from the Minnesota Department of Commerce, the state's regulator for insurance, on July 30, 2021. He was responsible for reviewing the actuarial components of the annual statements of the life insurance companies domiciled in Minnesota, provided actuarial support for various product filings and represented Minnesota on various NAIC Committees. His prior roles were OPEB valuations (6 years), life insurance (23 years) and pensions (3 years). John served as president (2010 to 2013) of the International Association of Black Actuaries, and (2013-2016) on the SOA Board of Directors. In addition to his volunteer work for the SOA, he currently serves on the DEI Task Force, a subgroup of the Life Practice Council of the American Academy of Actuaries. John's hobbies are music (plays a synthesizer and composes), sports and travel. A committed family man, he hosted several Robinson Family Reunions since 1996. John holds a B.Sc. (Special) in Mathematics from the UWI, Jamaica, an M.S. in Statistics from the University of Delaware and an M.S. in Statistics from the Florida State University.