Cancer Genomics Project Oversight Group

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Signup Deadline: 02-01-2019
Starts: 02-02-2019
Ends: 02-02-2019


How does this role benefit the work of the organization and the profession?

Volunteers on a Project Oversight Group help to ensure a quality SOA research product, which results in providing the profession reliable and practical tools/information.

Responsibilities & Duties

Project Oversight Groups (POGs) provide guidance and input to researchers, oversee the progress of the work, and ensure it is in line with the proposal. POG members are expected to review draft materials prior to conference calls and provide input during the calls. It is expected that there will be monthly one-hour conference calls for the duration of the project. This project will evaluate and detail the current state of advanced genomic testing in the treatment of cancer, and the near-term impact on the actuarial profession.

 Time Commitment

  • 5 to 10 hours
  • Most time will be spent reviewing materials and participating on conference calls.

 Experience Required

  • Member, Non-Member or Candidate
  • Preferred experience in actuarial innovation and technology-related topics, particularly on cancer genomic testing.

Opportunity Location

Non-Country Specific

Travel Required


SOA Training Required



Open to all Specializations


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Society of Actuaries