Research-Healthcare Provider Shortage Impact to Morbidity

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Signup Deadline: 05-23-2023
Starts: 05-24-2023
Ends: 05-24-2023


How does this role benefit the work of the organization and the profession? *

This role supports the research activities of the SOA, providing actuaries with valuable up-to-the-minute data on health-related issues, enabling them to make more informed and accurate decisions.

Responsibilities & Duties *

The responsibilities and duties of this role include helping to guide research along the path specified by the researcher's proposal in a way that addresses the topic from an actuarial perspective. This includes attending check point meetings and reviewing drafts of the research. Finally, the volunteers will sign off on the research before it is published.

Time Commitment - Hours *

11 to 20 hours

Time Commitment - Description *

The time commitment includes several hour-long conference calls to discuss research milestones and review of sections and drafts of the research report in between. No face-to-face meetings are required.

Experience Required - Designation *

Member, Non-Member or Candidate

Experience Required - Description

General Understanding of Health Care is helpful for Project Oversight Group members, but not required for all.

Opportunity Location *

U.S. Only

Travel Required *


SOA Training Required *


Primary Area of Practice *

  • Health

Specializations *

  • Health Insurance - Commercial
  • Health Insurance – Public Systems


Health Insurance - Commercial
Health Insurance – Public Systems


SOA Volunteer
Society of Actuaries