2018-2019- University Support Actuary

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Starts: 04-23-2019


How does this role benefit the work of the organization and the profession?

This role benefits the profession by introducing students to the actuarial profession and provides them with information on the career.

 Responsibilities & Duties

The University Support Actuary:

  • Participates in training webcast
  • Communicates regularly with university’s faculty contact
  • Shares SOA information about exams and programs with faculty/students
  • Assists with advice regarding course development based on industry needs
  • Available to speak with actuarial students at on-campus events or via email to help answer questions about the profession or give other advice
  • Assists in recruiting actuarial speakers for actuarial courses or club meetings/events
  • Provides SOA with feedback about serving as a University Support Actuary at end of each semester/academic year 

Preferred attributes for this role include

  • Interest in university education
  • General understanding of SOA Education system
  • Interest in mentoring students and providing guidance 

Term of Service

A two-year term of service is recommended for this position.  The years coincide with the academic calendar year of the university.  The University Support Actuary may serve an additional term, if appropriate. 

Time Commitment

Time commitment is on an as needed basis and as agreed upon with the university’s faculty contact, but will include:

  • Regular communication via phone and/or email with the faculty contact throughout academic year
  • Attendance at university student events or meetings on campus (at least once per year)

 Experience Required

  • ASA or FSA with at least two years work experience

 Opportunity Location

U.S. - based on location of university, mostly remote work

 Travel Required

Participation at on-campus events and meetings with faculty (at least once per year)

SOA Training Required

  • Participation in a conference call training session (approximately one-hour in length) provided by the SOA.
  • You will be added to the University Support Actuary Volunteer Community to help you further engage with your fellow volunteers and SOA staff.


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Society of Actuaries

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