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Starts: 10-12-2018


How does this role benefit the work of the organization and the profession?

The SOA seeks to advance actuaries as leaders in measuring and managing risk. To do that, the SOA needs to understand what’s going on in the environment, both in the industries in which actuaries work (e.g. insurance, pensions) and the world at large (e.g. economy). An environmental observation is information about a change, trend or development in industry, economic, national or global environments. Environmental observations are key pieces of data that, put together, help to build understanding of the changing environment. From that understanding, the SOA can develop education, research, and other programs and strategies to respond. 

The SOA is seeking volunteers to submit environmental observations. To submit an observation please read the following advice for completing the form and then click "Apply Today!" above. 

Environmental Observations Form

The application/submission form has four sections. Please complete all four sections.

  1. Observation Title: Provide a title that quickly and clearly identifies the observation.
  2. Observation Description: Summarize the observation and explain why it is important.
  3. Observation Source: Sources could be media, conversations with volunteers/members, task force or committee meetings, industry trends or observations from multiple sources. Show how the source supports the observation (e.g. an observation noting a potential reputation risk might sight media sources that contain negative comments about the profession).
  4. Opportunities and Challenges:*Note where you see this as creating an opportunity or challenge to the SOA or profession. When considering upsides and downsides, look at the ability to affect the reputation of the SOA and/or the profession, and our ability to achieve the SOA vision statement (Actuaries are highly sought-after professionals who develop and communicate solutions for complex financial issues). In this section we are asking you to hypothesize what outcome(s) could arise by reacting (or not reacting) to this, and list the pros and cons of your hypothesis. 

The SOA will review all observations and may contact you for more information or clarification if needed. 

To submit an observation click "Apply Today!" above.

Time Commitment

  • 4 or fewer hours
  • A typical observation will take 30-60 minutes to submit. Volunteers are able to submit as many observations as they wish. 

Experience Required

The SOA invites all Members, Non-Members, and Candidates to submit observations. 

Opportunity Location

Non-Country Specific 

Travel Required


SOA Traning Required 

Additional Specializations  

Open to all Specializations


Accounting and Finance
General Insurance/Property Casualty
Investment and Asset Liability Management
Risk Management


SOA Volunteer
Society of Actuaries

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