2020 Living to 100 Paper Reviewer

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Signup Deadline: 03-20-2019
Starts: 03-21-2019
Ends: 03-21-2019


How does this role benefit the work of the organization and the profession?

The role of the paper reviewer is to support the Living to 100 research effort which includes a triennial international research symposium that provides resources for actuarial practitioners, policymakers, and individuals. The symposium also increases awareness of actuarial thought leadership on mortality and longevity issues and the implications. The symposium brings together thought leaders from around the world to share ideas and knowledge on aging, The outcome of each Living to 100 event is a lasting body of research in a monograph to educate and aid individuals and policymakers in addressing the potential needs and services of the future advanced-age populations.

Responsibilities & Duties

Review papers submitted in response to the 2020 Living to 100 Call for Papers for quality of content, consistency with approved abstract, readability, appropriateness for presentation at 2020 Living to 100 Symposium and publication in Living to 100 online monograph. Reviewer identifies and summarizes deficiencies and strengths of each paper reviewed and recommends to the Living to 100 planning committee whether to accept, accept with modifications, or reject the paper.

Time Commitment

  • 11 to 20 hours
  • This is a short term commitment with work beginning in May and lasting through the end of June.

Experience Required

  • Member, Non-Member or Candidate
  • Risk Management experience. Does not have to be a member of the SOA, could be CAS or CIA as well


SOA Volunteer
Society of Actuaries